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was born in a small town near Cologne, Germany. he developed an early interest in 17th century baroque music and in his teenage years started training to be a professional pole vaulter, competing against international athletes like Sinka Kardos and Roda Mortran. now works as a spiritual healer and is a father of six.

is the spice in your soup, the breeze on your stroll, the violin in your philharmonic orchestra and the magazine next to your toilet. He worked as a tour guide in the post-war kosovo areas and mediated late Nagorno-Karabakh/Azerbaijani post-conflict projects concerning the gravestone destruction of Julfa, Nakhichevan. He is also known for his infamous Heavy Metal song called Julfa Julfa Julfa.

talks like a leader, walks like a leader, smells like a leader but never has a plan. A trained physicist with a PhD on the history of Russian/US-American spy industry of aeronautics and aerospace programs, decided to pursue his true passion and become a florist and Peng member after a false diagnosis of cancer. can dance the cha cha cha with a natural grace at the oddest moments.

is believed to be the brains behind many of the current surveillance technologies being used to monitor the activities of intelligence agencies in several repressive regimes. Not one for appearing in public, or answering questions directly, keeps a low profile, and commutes into Berlin daily from a gherkin farm in Brandenburg.