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was born in a small town near Cologne, Germany. he developed an early interest in 17th century baroque music and in his teenage years started training to be a professional pole vaulter, competing against international athletes like Sinka Kardos and Roda Mortran. now works as a spiritual healer and is a father of six.

talks like a leader, walks like a leader, smells like a leader but never has a plan. A trained physicist with a PhD on the history of Russian/US-American spy industry of aeronautics and aerospace programs, decided to pursue his true passion and become a florist and Peng member after a false diagnosis of cancer. can dance the cha cha cha with a natural grace at the oddest moments.

has no pronoun and prefers to use pen and paper rather than verbal communication where possible. Because sleeps for only 45 minutes a day, is able to hold down several jobs at leading corporations while remaining a dedicated mole for Peng! Before joining the collective, studied marine biology and dedicated 10 years to raising funds and establishing a sea life centre for retired show dolphins in Thailand.

always tries to look funny but keeps laughing at inadequate moments. Heavily identifying with his ADHD diagnosis, he likes to use Peng´s own disruption tactics in internal meetings, creating strategic disturbances when the team discussion is too focused. He mainly lives off grandmas who believe she is their forgotten nephew and for rough times, he has a part time job at a local newspaper. We all know that if Peng were to crumble, he would be the last one standing, holding the pistol.